Practice Areas

Collaborations among Regency Law Firm lawyers in various disciplines produce innovative legal solutions for our clients. We work together across offices and practice areas as integrated, multidisciplinary teams to provide the capabilities necessary to generate great results for our clients

Property and Conveyance

Successful real estate projects and transactions demand close attention to numerous business, financial, and legal elements. REGENCY LAW FIRM# team applies our deep experience in all areas of finance, construction, environmental, and real estate law to help our clients reach their goals — on time and budget.

Our Firm is inimitable in the ability of its Solicitors and Advocates to lace the law with best practices in the Real Estate Industry from the conventional method into a seamless new approach. Our approach in the real estate sector has given succour to ailing Estate Firms spanning from private and public companies in Nigeria and foreign Clients.

We act for property investment companies, individuals and advise on an array of matters ranging from the development of a new city (ies) building and private housing estates. Regency Law Firm has capable hands that can give you the much-desired result in the realm of property practice. We carry out a well-detailed search report in the various States Land Registries and Federal Land Registry. We perfect title documents, register mortgages and leases with the requisite authority. REGENCY LAW FIRM also engages in financial banking, lease and tax implication of all forms and render efficient management of properties.

Commercial & Corporate Practice

We are one of the growing commercial law firms focused on corporate advisory, foreign investment, and corporate re-organisation. Our corporate practice team provides tactical legal advice and practical support to our clients to help pilot the evolving and complex regulatory environment. With our deep expertise and speciality, we pride ourselves on keeping our corporate clients ahead of developing regulations for best business services.

Regency Law Firm look beyond the balance sheet to the individual needs of our corporate clients. Our Clients are not limited to multinational companies but include household names and newly established business outfit. With our corporate expertise, we carry out a very extensive soliciting and advocacy job for our Clients. We act as external Company Secretary, advice on mergers and acquisition, capital market, private placement and public issues of shares, underwriting and vending agreements, conversion of companies from private to public companies, change of names, filing of annual returns and acts that are incidental to corporate existence. Regency Law Firm stand by their Clients in times of financial difficulties by giving the necessary legal assistance on corporate restructuring, liquidation and receivership or winding up as the case may be.

Foreign Investment

Our skilled and multi-versatile team of international trade law experts help our clients manage the risks and make the best use of the rewards of doing business in Nigeria or engaging in trans-border businesses.

We advise Foreign Investors on the relevant legislators regulating foreign investment and participation in the privatization and commercialization of the Nigeria Capital Market, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication and more. Obtaining Work Permit, Business Permit, Expatriate Quota, Technology Transfer, Formation of Company, Joint Venture Agreement and many more are part of the ancillary services we offer to Foreign Clients.

Banking and Insurance

We counsel financial institutions, conglomerates and investors on front-line finance dealings across various industries in Nigerian. With the all-embracing experience of Regency Law Firm, we have adopted innovative strategies on challenging and complex transactions with implausible results for our Clients both in the Banking and Insurance sectors. We are engrossed in the financial sector; we provide both expertise in the law and a deep understanding of the Nigerian finance market to our Clients.

Our core practice is structured to meet the specific needs of banking and negotiable instrument and insurance companies.  We provide a veritable legal aid to the banking sector and insurance firms.  We make it a task for our Clients to give strict adherence to all federal government regulatory agencies and act with utmost good faith in the day to day running of their affairs.  We vent credit facilities, loan syndication, LPO financing and all documentations relating to any financial institution in order to determine the viability and proficiency of such transactions.

Intellectual Property

We provide well thought through, practical and commercially sensible legal solutions to clients with respect to their intellectual property and technology acquisition needs. We provide our clients with deep expertise in a diversity of IP matters, including but not limited to searches, protection, use and enforcement of Neighborhood Rights, trademarks, copyright, patents, design and trade secrets, licensing, technology transfer with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion(NOTAP), franchising, media law, packaging, labelling, manufacturing and distribution agreements, and product registration with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

Given the paucity of royalties and remunerations earned by intellectual proprietary rights owners, Regency Law Firm has erudite Advocates that can help to protect their creativity/performers right and bring to bear the proceeds of their work. We handle trademark and patent registration, design and copyright. We have been involved in the preparation of various agreements for the transfer of technology, international franchising and the exploitation of intellectual property rights by licensing and joint venture schemes.

Maritime and Aviation Practice

We advise and support our clients on all facets of maritime and aviation law, including but not limited to enforcement of judgments and awards, registering of ship; the eligibility of Nigerian-owned ships and the licensing and temporary registration of foreign-owned ships in the Special Register for Vessels and Ship Owning Companies engaged in Cabotage trade; procuring and renewing Ministerial waivers and licences for foreign-owned ships for cabotage trade in Nigeria and advising on compliance with the Cabotage Act, NIMASA Act and other laws dealing with coastal and inland shipping in Nigeria, covering all areas of admiralty jurisdiction and practice.


REGENCY LAW FIRM has very shrewd Maritime Practitioners and Advocates who have innate desire to position the maritime industry and foster a sustainable atmosphere to all players.  We are abreast of all regulations and the appropriate admiralty laws in this regard.  We give legal advice on all charter party agreement, chartering of vessel, seaworthiness of vessel, registration and deregistration of vessel with Nigerian Register of Ships, carriage of cargoes, liability of airline to their passengers, minimum amount to pay in case of any loss of goods or life, airport tolls/charges, compliance with FAAN and so on.

Many of our lawyers are leading practitioners in their field and are active participants in numerous aviation-related professional associations. Our lawyers are admitted to practice in numerous jurisdictions and have a wealth of experience in the aviation transactional and enforcement fields.

Areas of Practice

  • Aircraft Finance and Leasing
  • Airlines and Charter Operators
  • Corporate and General Aviation
  • Aviation Tax
  • Airports and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Effective taxation work includes both comprehensive planning based on continually changing tax laws and resolution of tax controversies. REGENCY LAW FIRM team helps clients in these areas and acts as a source of guidance on any tax issue. Our Lawyers are highly experienced in all aspects of tax law.

We have mapped out strategy for both the Federal Inland Revenue Service and various States Internal Revenue Services to generate revenue from corporations, partnerships, trade associations, and individuals in a wide variety of business and personal tax matters at the federal, state, and local government levels.

Our lawyers also assist clients with tax compliance and provide representation before all taxing authorities. We monitor proposed tax law changes at all levels in order to keep our clients well informed. Our team implements cutting-edge strategies to mitigate the deleterious impacts of unfavorable new laws, and to maximize any opportunities these changes bring to bear.

Litigation and Arbitration

We are proponent of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) committed to settling disputes, whether pursued independently or in parallel to litigation or arbitration.

Our team of Solicitors and Advocates take practical approach on Clientele problems.  We have comprehensive experience in all the superior Courts, from the High Courts, the Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court.  Regency Law Firm handles more of civil matters and has developed a forte in civil litigation and arbitration.  Our immense knowledge and experience in this aforesaid area have given us the much-desired expectation of our Clients.  The paramount goal of Regency Law Firm is to secure a speedy resolution of disputes with the greatest tact and protect the interest of our Client by exploring all avenues for amicable settlement before litigation.

Part of our approach includes working closely with our clients to determine the best dispute resolution process to meet their needs – our clients have increasingly found that the privacy, flexibility and relative speed of ADR make it a logical choice in business disputes of all kinds, including those featuring complex financial issues. We keep an open mind as to how we can best – and most cost effectively – secure our clients’ goals, advising them on the proper drafting of ADR provisions for both domestic and international transactions.

Our areas of work include

  • Arbitration
  • Dispute prevention
  • Drafting dispute resolution and arbitration clauses
  • Fact-finding
  • Mediation
  • Mini-trials
  • Negotiation
  • Risk management

Insolvency Practice

This is one of the specialized fields of our corporate law practice where we collaborate with other professionals from different fields including Accountants, Taxation Experts and Corporate Consultants.

We carry out a well-detailed investigation as to the financial proprietary of any person(s) or company(s) desirous to do business with any of our Client before any financial commitment. In view of Regency Law Firm relationship with the requisite Law Enforcement Agencies, we have a plain sailing debt recovery cases and issues bothering on Insolvency generally. We operate within the ambit of the law to recover monies owed to our Clients within a reasonable time.

Telecommunication and Energy Law

Regency Law Firm has wide-ranging experience in providing legal advice in the telecommunications sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the legal, commercial and regulatory complexities of the Nigerian telecommunication sector has peculiarly placed the firm in a position to provide legal advice on a wide range of telecommunications projects. We render legal services to Private Telecommunication outfits on various aspects of telecommunications law, including but not limited to tariff regulation and licensing issues.

The energy industry is a complex and multifaceted arena, and its finances are no less intricate and involved. Fortunately, our energy finance team has extensive knowledge of both.

Built on the firm’s culture of multidisciplinary collaboration, this group draws on the collective experience and global capabilities of our energy and finance practices. Its lawyers include in-house Counsel for energy companies and utilities, energy practitioner from foreign firms, plus bankers, developers, regulators, and public policy experts. Together, they deftly craft innovative strategies to address the industry’s most sophisticated challenges.

Our multidisciplinary Energy team has experience in energy regulation, transactions, and litigation, including leadership positions in state and federal government agencies. We represent clients in all regulatory proceedings viz: energy project financing, land acquisition, and sales, as well as energy production, distribution, and trading matters. Our clients include diverse entities in the electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy sectors. We offer creative, workable solutions regarding changing regulatory environments and fluctuating market conditions, and we help clients leverage new advances in energy technologies.

Merger, Acquisition and Takeovers

Advises both private and public clients across the full spectrum of corporate issues, including M&A, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have always been important to the growth of corporations, financial institutions and big business. Clients value a firm with global resources—and steadfast commitment to cultivating relationships—to achieve their business goals. Regency Law Firm M&A Lawyers navigate clients through some of the largest, most complex and demanding transactions around the world. We are consistently recognized for our excellence in client service and responsiveness, delivering the quick turnaround needed to keep pace with business demands.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers in Nigeria are governed by the Investments and Securities Act (“ISA”), the Securities and Exchange Rules and Regulations (“SERR”) made pursuant to ISA, and the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA). The Securities and Exchange Commission (“the Commission“) is the body in charge of implementing the provisions of ISA and sanctions Mergers, Acquisition and Takeovers in Nigeria.

Our Firm is fully registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and has relatively rendered service to Companies involved in Intermediate and Large Mergers in accordance with ISA.


All businesses have to comply with government regulations. Regency Law Firm Regulatory practice is designed to serve clients in heavily regulated industries, such as manufacturing and utility services, as well as across various industries in regulated areas that impact business as a whole.

We have deep experience assisting clients with regulatory compliance and defence in each of the areas mentioned below, combined with the capability to deliver a broad range of legal services. Our lawyers work in collaborative teams to advise clients in virtually all aspects of regulatory compliance, across practice areas including environmental, energy, corporate, intellectual property, labour and employment, real estate, tax, and more.